Califia Farms Bandier Pop-Up

EP+Co called Black Ops with a rather unique request – design and build a full grown-human sized kaleidoscope to serve as the centerpiece in a pop-up Califia Farms café due to open at the Bandier flagship store in Manhattan, NY. And also design and build the café itself. In just under four weeks.

Wasting no time the Black Ops team manufactured what we believe to be a first-of-its kind kaleidoscope, creating one of the more memorable instagrammable moments that we’ve come across. The idea was to give people the sensation of being inside of a plant, which ties back to the Califia tagline of ‘What Plants Can Do’.

The Bandier retail space was completely redesigned from the ground up. Black Ops added temporary walls, custom built planters featuring fresh/live herbs, a custom coffee bar, vinyl graphics, printed signage and of course, the kaleidoscope.

The custom-built kaleidoscope featured a durable reinforced design to allow consumers to stand inside and take photos while a rear projection of the Califia ingredients reflected off the mirrored walls.