Virgil A. Peach Escape Room

In the spring of 2018 Visit Virginia Beach challenged Black Ops Productions to come up with a plan to reintroduce itself to the residents of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The idea was to create awareness and generate interest in tourism by showing Williamsburg residents the very best that Virginia Beach had to offer. Black Ops responded with a 360 campaign that began on April 1st. The teaser campaign kicked off with a hand-painted blacklight mural, branded coasters and lost dog ads.

The physical storefront was shrouded in mystery for 3 weeks, with papered over windows only broken up by a sign counting down to opening day. All messaging steered consumers to register at for their chance to attend the grand opening of The Virgil A. Peach Travel & Adventure Company.

From April 1-April 23 an estimated 980,000 unique impressions were generated through a combination of OOH tactics, restaurant partnerships and the physical pop-up escape room experience, which was open for (2) days.

More than 300 guests worked their way through the experience in just (2) days, consuming over (600) Virginia Beach Orange Crush Cocktails, (500) Lynnhaven Oysters and (500) servings of Virginia Strawberry Shortcake along the way.

A huge hand-painted mural was designed to reveal hidden messaging that became visible only after sundown through the use of black light paint.

Micro-targeted coaster distribution took place such through venues such as The Knitting Factory, Teddy’s Bar & Grill, Bushwick Country Club, Union Pool, The Whiskey Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Star, Two Door Tavern, The Starlight, The Levee, The Gutter and Berry Park.

‘Lost Dog’ style posters were placed throughout the Williamsburg area.

Brokered partnerships brought Lynnhaven Oysters from Virginia Beach area farmers to local restaurants The Brooklyn Star and The Starlight. Local chefs used these delicacies to create special Lynnhaven Oyster/Virginia Beach themed specials, which were featured on their menus throughout the month of April.